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Welcome to Justified Sinners

Thanks for stopping by! This is a new podcast site devoted to bringing the gospel recovered by the Protestant Reformation to the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

This is a work in progress — which means that there will be changes and improvements — yet admittedly, the site is not flashy. But then again, neither is the gospel. The good news is really quite simple: God sent his Son in the flesh to die in our place to take the punishment for our sins upon himself, and to fulfill the righteous requirements of the Law so that God can both declare us to be righteous and be righteous himself. Faith alone as a gift of God’s grace alone because of the person and work of Christ alone is the good news I want to talk about in the Justified Sinners podcast.

Part of the goal here is to partner with the White Horse Inn, a nationally syndicated radio show that deals with the same themes. Until I figure this site out a bit more, here the White Horse Inn website


One Response

  1. Interesting name. Is that what we really are? I read the gospel and we are referred to as saints in every letter to the churches. Never are we addressed as “justified sinners” — I think you are stuck there. Romans 5:1 is for us today. Freedom. We are justified saints, and we sin, we are not justified sinners. We are saints who sin, justified by faith.

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